Starting a new Cephalotus display tank.


I have grown Cepahalotus in the past in shallow pots and had mixed results, in the end I had lost them all.

I have been growing these guys now for just over 8 months with this method and have had amazing results with minimal care as you can see and since the new LED lights went in the growth is exceptional. The downfall of the hot LED's is I have started to spray mist the top to maintain moisture level every other day due to evaporation. The rest of the stratum remains moist from the wicking action of the bottom water. I assume moisture will not evaporate off as quickly as the natural sphagnum fills in.
I transplanted the one seedling that was under the plant on the left to the top right side to fill in the space next to the water feed tube. I also want to top up the stratum on the top that has settled where the glass and feed tube are showing.

I will post another progress photo in a couple weeks.