Spring plant sale


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hey everyone, i have some plants available for sale, and will add more as time goes on. All plants are 1" plugs unless otherwise stated. I havent sold many plants before, so if prices arent reasonable let me know. Id also be willing to trade.
Shipping is $15 unless stated it is included in the price.
Thanks everyone!

Tokaiensis $5
Spatulata SE Queensland $7
Binata multifida x extrema $12
Lantau island $10
Capensis $5
Capensis Narrow Leaf $5

Cephalotus $12

Ant Plants:
Monolena Primuliflora Small 1cm caudex $12
Large 1 inch caudex $30

(Includes postage)
S. Purpurea 20 seeds $3

Non carnivorous:
Dwarf hair grass 2x2 plug $10
3x3 $14
4x4 $18

Not plants, and not sure if i am allowed to sell this... but i have grindal worms for people in the fishkeeping hobby.
Small culture $8 including shipping
Large culture $10 (not including shipping)