So this is a scary way to show off the Venus Flytrap.

Well, this is a very interesting video I had found on YouTube, explaining, in creepy detail and with great sound effects, how a VFT catches and devours it's pray.

Has anyone else seen this video before and what do you think about it?

For the record, I do like this video a lot, although I am naturally drawn to weird shit, as we all are, naturally, due to the type of plants we are interested in.

Anyway, check it out friends.



Carnivorous Plant Addict
I always thought it is cool, not horror. In nature, horror doesn't exist. Animals and plants just do their stuff and they go by day to day. We are the only ones with long term vision. I can even say I'm kind of excited when my plants capture their prey. It's like success to me that they are successful.