Signs of Spring.


Well that time of year is almost here!
my plants have been in a unheated garage under covers for the past few months and today I decided to uncover them. They only had one layer of burlap on them, but I guess they wanted to start growing now! here are some early signs.

The only sarracenia so far, Purp venosa, guess its that southern influence.

All temp droseras are exploding out too.
To be honest I really dont want them to start growing... the outside night time temps are still below zero. Now I decided to put them out in the morning and bring them back in when it gets too cold.


I didnt want to start another thread since this doesnt really qualify as "spring pictures" because these are grown indoors on a windowsill and on/off cheap amazon lights in the nights. They did go through dormancy so i guess it counts. What-eves, everyone likes pictures.
First one is a Sarracenia Purpurea I received as a bonus from Willy as a seedling,

Here was it before just to appreciate the colour up!

and here it is a little time after I got it.

These Sarracenia Courtii Seedlings have grown a lot from when I replanted them last year. Not including dormancy these are about 7-8months old.

and before, like the last pic. (the bot is rotated about 180 from the last pic)