Should you cut a flower stalk?

My Pingicula Gigantica has a flower stalk being formed, and would like to know.Does flowering kill a butterwort?I have not really feed my butterwort that much as it catches fruit flies, misquotes, and tiny ants by its self.I know that if a Venus fly trap does not acquire the proper nutrients it will suck the energy from leaves, and might kill its self.Does this apply to butterworts or am I just over reacting?If it does not kill a butterwort to flower than I can self pollinate the butterwort, so I can then germinate the seeds in distilled water.If it does kill a butterwort to flower, then I can cut the stalk and leave it in a container with a paper towel for 2 weeks for some buds to form and about 8 weeks to get a small butterwort.Thanks!
A pic of developing flower stalk which should flower in about 2 weeks.
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the game is to put the pollen (stamen, étamines in french)) on the lips of the stigma(stigmate).
it is often difficult to reach the stamens so with a scissors or a cuter, we cut the corolla and the tube to achieve this.
cross-fertilization and repetition of the manipulation will guarantee better success

use a toothpick or a brush to make the fecondation