SE Green's Small Collection Update


Very nice plant collection. :) I am a little bit skeptical about your lowii seedlings. I don't know might have the right deal...but unless you got it from a credible source, a lot of ebay/facebook sellers do not have a good track record in selling "real" seed. it tends to be other random species seed found in the intermediate/lowland areas.

this was lowii from trusmadi . Note the relatively thick leaves from the early stage and the hairy margins and the relatively thick lamina / petiole.

Nepenthes lowii by Varun Anipindi, on Flickr

SE Greens

Here are some pictures of the Nepenthes lowii seedlings as of today. As far as I can tell it looks very much the same as the seedling shown above. However, I would not be too quick to claim them as pure lowii. Truly, I fell they need to grow more before I can definitely rule them as or as not. For now I will call them lowii.

SE Greens

VarunA, thank you for opinion. Will definitely post pictures as my plants grow. This shall be quite the detective work :). How are your lowii doing? What are your conditions? Is this a recent picture or it from the past?