Sarr's for pick up (Hold for now)

Lloyd Gordon

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My microbogs haven't been repotted for 10 years or more and they're looking a bit scruffy. I'm thinking of going from 3 pots to 2, which means I'll have a number of Sarr's to give away. Some are small divisions and some are adult, flowering size, flava's, some other species and numerous complex crosses. Does anybody live in the Toronto area and want to do a porch pick-up, as-is, due to Corona virus?
You can keep them for yourself or give them away.
I could ship them, but it would be annoying- a big box, and postage.
This would be an easy way for a newbie to have a nice bog.


Hmmm. I will think about it. My family will probably be so mad at me for getting another plant. :)

What price? I am on a budget.

Carson Hardy


If your stuck finding people for pickup, I would pay for the shipping of anything that's left. Plus, future trades, etc, something to make it worthwhile for you.


I'm going to drop off the plants for plantant since he's not far off my route. Could I pick them up Monday if that works for you Lloyd?


If there are any more let me know! I'm nearby in Etobicoke and have just gotten a few sarr seeds in cold stratifcation. I doubt I'll have large plants for a while lol

Lloyd Gordon

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So far plants for:
Willy (shipping)
plantant (Josh to pickup and deliver)
Josh (pickup)
Atom (pickup)
Carson (if Willy is up to this, I will ship to Willy and he can split stuff and send it to you, you will have to pay Willy for 1/2 of the original postage and postage to you)
Sib possibly (shipping)
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Carson Hardy

Wow Lloyd, we are very lucky to have you!

I anticipated that if you had some pickups they would take them all, but no, your going out of your way to make sure everyone who is interested gets a bite.

Your generosity is amazing! If you ever see something of mine that your interested in, it's yours.

Lloyd Gordon

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What a job. 3-4 days.
Unpotted all 3 microbogs.
Cleaned and separated all the plants.
Had a ton of clay balls to clean.
Had old rock wool to separate out from old medium (never use it again).
Put clay balls in new pots.
Weed cloth above clay balls to keep them clean.
Drainage tubes in.
Started mixing peat/perlite/water, tedious.
Planting tomorrow.
Get ready for shipping over weekend.
At least only every decade or so.


I think theres something wrong with me i always loved doing that haha. If i was closer and it wasnt mid apocalypse id have totally given you a hand!