Sarracenia Cleanup

How do you 'clean' your Sarrs after winter?

  • Nothing! I like the old brown leaves

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  • Trim all leaves to a few inches

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  • 'pull' all the traps off of the rhizome (no cutting)

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Carson Hardy

As spring is fast approaching, and I am seeing flowers forming near the rhizomes, I wonder... what do people typically do in regards to cleaning up the old growth?

To clarify, this question does not pertain to divisions, if the plant is removed from the pot/bog then it is void for this scenario

I would also be able to provide photos of each option below if there is any confusion.

I wish everyone an early spring!


Im an agressive cleaner, if its dead its gone, if its damaged its gone, if its in the way or looks off its gone lol. Only healthy and robust gets to stay. If the leaf/trap pulls off easy then it comes off, if it is firmly attached it gets trimmed with enough to let me grip good to pull off when its died off later.


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I've seen a few videos where the expert growers would use a chainsaw or lawn mower to chop everything off before Spring. I wish I saved the links to those videos!


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I use to cut everything but one year I was lazy and noticed a much better growth in spring when the old pitchers were still there. After that I always kept the old but healthy pitchers on in spring. It seem to help the plant grow better and faster in spring. When I receive sarracenias that have been fully cut to the rizhome, they take a few years to really get going.