Rafflesia Arnoldii FLOWER -


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Welcome to the modern day of the Triffid without the carnivorous effect Rafflesia flower is quite something!!
Amazes me! Found in Borneo where our fellow pitcher friends are found!

Rafflesia flower is entirely PARASITIC which means no roots or leaves or stem,
can grow 3 foot wide in diameter and can way a whooping 22 pounds and only lives a couple of weeks.

It secretes a foul Odor each day as the plant ages and attracts bluebottle flies in order to pollenate it and we know what they do right? This plant grows from dead animals most likely o_O

when finally the plant dies it turns into a black mush, which looks like cow pat. Lol


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Sadly, almost impossible to grow.
looks like it relies on bluebottles to live on again. Beautiful plant., stunning. Really amazes me how nature can evolve and look like this and live a certain way.
It’s amazing how it’s mouth looks like hungry teeth and swallow you up.


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Here is another stinky plant.
Amorphophallus titanum
corps flower.
Takes 7-10 years to bloom once matured and after blooming can take another 3-10 years to bloom again and typically the blooms open in the evening through the night.
Also releases a rotten flesh smell to attract pollinators, especially insects thst lay eggs on rotten meat.

Patrick S.

I was able to see Amorphophallus titanum in bloom when I was working in the University of Guelph greenhouses. It was amazing how quickly its smell dissipated. We missed the height of it because it must have started blooming in the middle of the night. A few days later and there was nothing. But even their leaf looks really neat. What's interesting is that this is just single leaf, and can last for about a year before dying back (not my photo).

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