Pooti's baby food jars

Pooti Ne

I started attempting TC a while ago, and after countless failures, finally there are some stuff that might be worth showing to you all :D

Drosera auriculata, seeds from Sean Spence. They grow pretty slow for auriculata, maybe the pH is off.


Drosera gracilis has decided to grow another plant from stem / root / whatever... seeds from Sean, those sown in regular composite have shown some pleasing dark red coloration.


D. pallida, seeds from Sean as well. These germinated without stratification.

Pooti Ne

Thank you all for the kind words.

Here's some N. fusca from seeds, germinated in February. Unfortunately they got contaminated during replating, I rinsed and put them on some new medium, we'll see how it goes. Willy is helping me build a LFH so I can ditch the glovebox I've been using ;)

Nepenthes seeds are a pain to sterilize, and some contamination can take up to months to show up. The methods I use was adopted from Eliseo Teson.

With PPM: Seeds were packed in "filter paper envelopes" and soaked in 0.2g/L NaDCC solution for 12 hours and rinsed in pressure cooked water, followed by 4% PPM solution for 12 hours. Sown without rinsing.
Without PPM: Seeds were soaked for 10-15 minutes in 2g/L NaDCC solution followed by 0.2g/L NaDCC solution for 24 hours. "Envelopes" were rinsed twice in pressure cooked water before sowing.

The method with PPM has higher success rate.

If anyone has sterilized nepenthes seeds successfully please share your experiences and procedures with us! Right now I'm afraid that although contamination doesn't show up, the sterlization is too rough for the seeds, even though NaDCC is much less harsh compared to bleach.