Plants Behaving Badly: Documentary


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hi everybody.
Here is a video that I found very well done and that gives a lot of info for beginners (as for the older ones!)

"DAVID ATTENBOROUGH" and the name is "Plants Behaving Badly"
And here is the true link :

it even taught me that S. Purpurea lives in symbiosis with ... mosquitoes!
(in the middle of the video at 28:10)
Wyeomyia smithii and Metriocnemus knabi
Have you ever seen mosquito larvae in your pitchers ?!

I know one of them don't "drink blood" but I don't know for the Metrio'
I had some Purpurea in France (where the species of mosquitoes are different)
I hesitate to have here in Canada cause the mosquitoes here know the plant...

And you ? Did you learned anything ?

Have a good day all.


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Yeah, nice movie!!! I did watch that before getting my very first carnivorous plant. Now it's good bedtime story lolll!!!


I found the blu ray of this series on the German Amazon website. It has an option for viewing in English with Sir David and it is a great addition to any collection. The only issue is you will be dealing with a PAL version, so u need a region-free blu ray player to get it working.