Plant of the Month, November, 2020


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Carnivorous Plant Society of Canada
Plant of the Month (POTM) contest Rules:

1- One type of carnivorous plant per entry per member. If there is more than one plant type in the picture(s), the member must clearly describe the participant.

2- The plant must be grown by the member for at least 3 months, or is grown from seed by the member if less than 3 months old.

3- The picture(s) have to be taken in the month of the contest, and taken by the member.

4- No 'In situ'/ wild plants; only cultivated plants are allowed.

5- Multiple pictures of the same plant can be posted, in the same post. Only the first picture will be forwarded to the voting thread.

6 - The plant must be clearly identified. Please use full name: for example, use "Drosera capensis", instead of "D. capensis" or "cape sundew".

7 - Members may POST the entry from 2020-11-01 to 2020-11-30 included.

8 - Entries will be voted from 2020-12-01 to 2020-12-15. Voting dates might vary slightly each month.

9 - The winner of each month will be recorded in the Plant of the Month CPSC HALL OF FAME.

10 - By participating, members are giving consent to allow CPSC to utilize contest photos for CPSC promotions, social media, fund-raising items.

11 - Only one entry per member, in one post. Please avoid changing your entry!