Pinguicula "El Mirador"


So, this turned out to be quite interesting.
Not sure what happened, so this is only a theory.

I think when I was taking my leaf pullings, I must have damaged the stem to some extent.
I noticed there were roots popping out from the middle, above the spots the little pings were growing.
I've seen this on other pings, usually on leggy ones that have grown out from under the mother plant.

Time to "investigate"
After picking out some of the baby pings, and found more... and more... and more!

So I pulled it all apart and I separated it where the roots were now growing.

I ended up with over 35 baby plants, and a number of viable leaves that might produce more!



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Nice work! The ability to make lots of new pings fairly quickly is one of the things I love about this genus.