Pinguicula “Butterworts” for auction


Hello everyone!

While my conditions are OK for Pinguicula, they’re not ideal, so I’m happy to pass these along to someone else who’s interested in them :)

Shipping will be $20, Canada only.

*lava rock NOT included. Only Pinguicula + moss.

Bidding can start at $5, increments of $5 please.

Auction will end Sunday, August 16th at 9pm central standard time. Thanks!

*No “sniping” (last minute bids) please...

*I’m not sure what all species/hybrids are involved here, but there are a few :)

Very thrilled to own that awesome collection.
It was my first purchasing experience here and I couldn’t be happier with it. Communication was top notch to coordinate temperature conditions-when it’s good to send and make sure the plants will make it.
Avery included something extra- wasn’t expected it- so very nice of him, I love my new orchid addition . Everything arrived perfectly fine.
Thank you so much!