Washed away most the fly eggs, but here are what was left.

there was about 4 or 5 times this amount on multiple leaves
In the second photo you can see just how dense it was and this photo was halfway from me cleaning it!
I know its hard to see but I can't focus on something so small!

Lloyd Gordon

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If you check the old forum, I posted some pictures. I have 4 UV fluorescent bulbs, "black light", A, B & C. I seem to remember black light was the best.


You want to see the fluorescence so you can improve the image by looking at it using an optical filter that will remove the 390 nm incident light. This is also better for your eyes which are not very sensitive in the near UV.
Others have successfully used 365 nm UV-A LEDs.
The harder the UV the less you'll see of the UV and the more stuff will glow up (but not necessarily at visible wavelengths). You should know what you are doing if you want to use < 315 nm light.
BTW, people who look at the fluorescence of corals and other sea critters often just use blue 450-470 nm.