P. grandiflora Cold Strat


Hello Everyone!

This is my first attempt in trying to grow a temperate species of CP. Currently 1 week into cold stratification. Soil is 50% peat, 25% perlite and 25% River Sand. The pot is a fabric pot under a basin. The basin is currently filled with water but has frozen. I've enclosed the whole fabric pot a large ziplock plastic and the top is saran wrapped. Most seeds were buried by roughly 0.2 cm while others were just left exposed on the top layer. Pictures below:

I'm currently misting the soil every week to keep it moist. Feedback and thoughts would be appreciated! I'm wondering if misting is unnecessary and if I should be worried about extreme cold coming to Canada soon. There have been news of a polar vortex coming soon and was wondering if I'd need to bring the pot back in as a precaution.


P. grandiflora is fairly easy to germinate if seed is fresh. Normally 6 weeks stratification at 2-8 C should suffice. Misting is unnecessary but won't hurt
Thanks for the advice. Next time it snows, I’m thinking of just filling the pot with snow that way I won’t have to mist it anymore. Can’t wait to get these guys sprouting!