ON - western - Bruce County



U. intermedia (centre) growing in a ditch of a fen (marl bog) with Chara algae (upper left). And flowering along the shore of a lake with typical fen vegetation of the same area.
The long spur of the flower (you can see a small part of the tip sticking out at the lower part of the corolla) is pressed to the lower side of the corolla when looked from the side. This makes this species easy to identify when in flower. When not in flower, it is better to use a microscope to see the quadrifid glands inside the traps to make sure it is U.intermedia and not one of the related, but rare species U.stygia or U.ochroleuca, see Thor (1988, Nordic J.Bot.8, p.213). U.intermedia is larger than the latter two and it has usually no traps attached to the green shoots. With sharp eyes or a magnifyling glass you can check the structure of the leaf: It has an obtuse tip and many small hairs (setulae) along the margins. The other two have acute tips and few or very few hairs.