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They look so wacky! I do hope they aren't from a scam website, as there are lots of cactus and succulent scammers.
Wow, I’ve never really looked into cacti and succulents before so scrolling through that seed list is fascinating. Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum looks so cool.


It would be interesting to see what Ariocarpus does in TC. I have a seedling of fissuratus that's put on a little bit of size, but it really is an amazingly slow genus.

Have you ordered seeds from Cactus Kingdom before? I've looked at their stuff but I always found the prices a bit high. I usually get seed from Valley Succulents and Mesa Garden but VS doesn't carry anything really uncommon and Mesa doesn't ship CITES species to Canada, so I'd be curious to hear if the more uncommon seeds from Cactus Kingdom are good.

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I've never seen Cactus Kingdom before. It's hard to find these two species, especially together. Prices are Ok for these two. They are from their own plants. Hopefully good germination.
I have 3 Ariocarpus seedlings that are years old and very small.
Got some Ariocarpus for TC too.
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I knew I'd seen caput-medusae as a specific name for a plant before. There's a Tillandsia caput-medusae. I looked it up and literally means "Medusa's head". There's also a medical condition by that name.

Good luck with the seeds, Lloyd. I like Mesembs, too.


I've had good germination rates on seeds I've ordered from Cactus Kingdom, usually over 80%.

Ariocarpus are glacially slow growers, although I admit that I don't have the ideal conditions for them. Curious to see how they do in TC!