NOID pings seeds (20)


Carnivorous Plant Addict

You're betting on 20 Pinguicula seeds harvested today.
The mother plant is sumidero I but the pollen come from [laueana 'Sierra mix' X gypsicola] or cyclosecta.
I didn't clean the brush because there wasn't a lot of pollen.

Auction Details

All profit of this bid will be donated to support CPSC.

Payment and Shipping
Payment Method:
send money via PayPal to
Shipping & Handling: I'll cover the fees for a standard lettre ship to a canadian resident. International members will have to send a SASE.

1. Starting bid: $1 CAD
2. Minimum increment: $0,50 CAD
3. Bidding end time: December 12th, 2018, noon eastern time.
4. Anti-snipe: The bidding time will be extended 5 minutes each with any bid placed near the end time.
5. Have fun! Happy bidding!

Disclaimers. Seeds are fresh but can be hard to grow so I should not be held responsible if you can't get them to sprout. I should not be held responsible if Canada Post lose the envelope. If you wish to pay for a registered letter, PM me first because the extra money will have to be sent to me and not CPSC.