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Hi all.
I am very new to plants in general.
After a few months of searching I give up.
6 months ago the plants had sticky glue and where colorfull. Now the collor and sticky glue is almost gone. The web says maybe it's the soil, humidity or it's too hot.
I can't figure out what. Can someone please help. I am sorry if the topic exist I couldn't find it.



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It looks like you have Drosera capensis.

I notice one of your sundews is flowering. Think of child birthing. I have never done it but it sounds very difficult. When sundews flower they put their all into it and will shrink back in size, lose their colour and dew, some species even die.

Here is a couple great links if you follow these your sundew will recover/thrive.

Drosera capensis

Sundew care
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Since your plant still looks good enough your soil should be fine. It doesn't look yellow or browning water should be good as well. I would say like stevebradford flowering takes energy so your plant may regress a little. Also try to keep the humidity up WITHOUT baking the plant to death. Since I see you keeping it inside, try to move the plant away from any source of dry air like AC or heating vents if not already. If you tried that you can also bag your plant to keep up humidity but if your plant is on a windowsill I don't recommend cause it will cook the plant. Anyways you should be fine since it's still summer you can also keep your plant outside though you would have to slowly adapt your plant to outside conditions.

There's a lot of possibilities, just try your best!


Thank you. I know it's very hot, but I was sure if it has always water it will be fine. I guess I was wrong :(


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I'd recommend giving it more lights. If you are keeping it indoors, try to use a desk lamp (CFL or LED) and point at the plant for 16 hours a day.