Nepenthes hybrids seeds

I just harvested some kind of hand-hybrids seeds of nepenthes this week.
Name/price for 50 seeds package.
1. N.Smilesii x (Viking x Raffle)/5$
2. N.(Vik x Amp dark) x (Mira x Reinw)/5$
3. N.(Thoreli x Truncata) x Dyer/7$
Shipping international: standard mail 2$, register mail 5$.
Paypal accept.
Guarantee: Garden plant, fresh and good quality seeds. If not, refund money.
Please let me know if you need more information.



Mhmm so some have asked me questions about this. And I have no idea what to think about it.
So Nepenthes seed supplier just a few questions for you that might ease people's minds
Where you from?
How's the wether there?
Do you have a real name?
Favourite colour?
Can we see some of your collection!? It looks amazing!!!
Interesting hybrids dd you grow them and hybridized them your self?


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hi, just purchased seeds from this person. Cant wait to get them and post pictures of the seedlings! Oh and just a heads up, this is in USD