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Anyone growing any of the four Cacti native to Canada? Escobaria vivipara, Opuntia fragilis, O. polyacantha and O. humifusa.

I would someday like to grow all four, I’m growing one so far Opuntia fragilis. I collected it in the west side of Kelowna in BC a few years back on a hike when the dogs blindly stepped into a nest of it. pieces of it were stuck to their legs and paws and then their noses and my fingers as we tried to remove them from their paws. So I ended up with a piece that was stuck in one of the dogs tails. It’s quick growing for a cactus and really good at self propagating onto anything that brushes past!

If anyone has any of the other native species for sale I’m interested. Thanks
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I've grown Opuntia that finally flowered. Near my old house, someone had a big patch of flowering Opuntia. Nice but don't touch, the glochids are vicious.


They have Scorpions and Tarantulas and various lizards as well in Osoyoos desert ;) I have also seen Palm and Bananna trees as well.
Never heard of a Canadian Tarantula..? Any more info?

I was unsuccessful finding scorpions in Osoyoos but I have found them in Alberta (near Medicine Hat). :)


Right. Definitely it’s a cool looking, large mygalomorph, but not exactly a tarantula- nor is it related to the Osoyoos region or arid conditions.

Sorry for the thread derailment! Carry on...
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Hey Steve!

My guess is that they’re Opuntia polyacantha :)

These were found in Saskatchewan- near Lumsden. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them in flower like this, it was lucky and pretty spectacular.
Good call. Your right I’m sure. For some reason I thought you were in Ontario. I believe Saskatchewan is supposed to have three of the four species. Almost all of them except for the one I thought it was.


My wife and I have a decent-sized hardy cacti garden here in Winnipeg.
We have several hybrids, and both Manitoba native cacti Opuntia fragilis and Escobaria vivipara. The Escobaria vivipara blooms only open for the hottest couple of hours of the day, but re-open several times before drying up. It's quiet a nice one.