Name this TC Plant - Guess & Win contest


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Name this TC Plant - Guess & Win contest
Here's another Guess and Win contest!
This time we are guessing the ID of this plant in tissue culture. The answer will be announced in one month!


It is carnivorous.

a) One TC vial of a small portion of the guessing plant, shipping is not included. (for Canadian members only)
b) Or, one CPSC seed bank credit. (for Canada and International members)

How to enter the contest:
1. Reply to this thread, one guess per member, no changes to the answer is permitted, in this format: "I guess this plant is ________."
2. The answer will be revealed in one month.
3. If multiple members have guessed the right ID, the earliest contestant with the right answer wins.
4. If there is no correct guess, Willy wins. :)
5. You are welcome to make comments and discuss in this thread, before and after making the guess.