Mystery nursery nep

Heya folks,

Today i visited a sheridan nursery and noticed some peculiar neps that i strongly believe were not Ventrata.

There were absolutely no developed pitchers so that makes it a lot more challenging.

Their leaves are a lot more wide and round with some faint veins running down, and the base of the leaf narrows a little as it gets to the stem.
My first guess was veitchii but there are no hair visible. Perhaps a hookeriana? Graciliflora? I have no idea :confused:

Perhaps i just wasted another $10 on a ventrata with deformation due to improper care, but i really hope it's another species.


Please bestow upon me your unending knowledge, everyone :D
Hey everyone, it's been a while and i'm back with an update for identification!

The nepenthes in question seems to be N. xMiranda, but i could be wrong.

ALSO, a nepenthes i assumed was another ventrata came out to be something completely different and that was an extremely pleasant surprise.



And here's the new mystery nep. I've tried to search for what it is but i'm a little stuck.


They're both producing big and beautiful pitchers without much effort!

Any help on identification would be greatly appreciated :)