My project is to show how people grow their nepenthes on windowsill


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I really need a decent mic... the voice over isn't that great...
And filming when there is some clouds is's my best idea lol

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theres a layer of charcoal, then perlite, then long fibre sphagnum to keep humidity up
I use something similar for my live sphagnum moss and pinguicula that sits in a bowl. My layering is hydroton clay balls, a piece of shade cloth made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), charcoal, peat moss, then the dead and live sphagnum moss. For the pinguicula after the peat moss layer it's a mixture of akadama (red clay), pumice, and orchid bark.


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Really nice!
I should maybe try the charcoal too...
I think it helps keep things fresh and makes sure that water collecting in the bottom doesnt go all gross and stagnant.
But i very well could be wrong.
I just know that every terrarium i put charcoal in stays healthy

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No tray. The pots sit on the bottom. Some drain to the bottom and suck up water from the bottom of the pots. Some have pot-bottoms and get water from frequent spraying.
I grown 2 nepenthes alta for 2 years under grow light.The plants got to big to fit in the glass tank I put them in.I moved to window sill.Unfortunately the sill too small so i moved outside untill I move other plants.They got baked outside later.R.I.P Garry and Larry the pitcher plants.