My Highland Chamber (Shoutout to DennisZ!)

Just got a few little nepenthes in the mail from DennisZ yesterday. They got held up in the mail over the weekend so i was stressing myself out for a few days but they dont really seem to have minded.

This is the top shelf of the highland tent (sarr seedlings, moss, heli seedling, orchid are downstairs with higher light)

The little 3" pots up front are all from Dennis and so is one larger guy in the back but here are closeups after being potted







Thanks again Dennis, these guys all look great!
the little seedlings are labeled but the ones that are hard to read or dont make sense: veitchii, unknown hybrid (thats X?), a possible jacquilineae hybrid seedling (jacq?), and naga

the other nepenthes that didnt come from Dennis include:
large ones up front: 2 alatas on either side and a spectabilis x ventricosa in the middle Behind the alata on the left there are 2 small 3" pots but you cant really see them in this picture. they contain a hamata x singalana and a robcantleyi but they are both still small. the singalana hamata still has really pretty pitchers for such a small plant though!

in the back: maxima wavy leaf on the right, aristo x vent left of that, couple more alata and ampullaria x spectabilis on the far right

there are also some tillandsia in there, and down below theres a heliamphora, some sarracenia i am growing from seed, hoya, orchids and a tray of sphagnum moss
Thanks! im building a greenhouse right now (or maybe its a solarium? it will be attached to my front door so that i walk through it every time i leave the house) so i kind of cobbled together a janky solution with one of these indoor greenhouse tents.
And when i say janky i mean it! i threw a blanket and poly dropsheet on top of it to insulate it because it wasnt holding in enough heat and getting up to the temperatures i want in the daytime.
But then it wasnt cooling down enough at night so I cut a small hole in the back of the tent and strung up the back of the blanket to a window that i can open at night.
it has been working okay so far but I cant wait to use an actual greenhouse!

Behold, The Jank Tank


Thanks for the shout-out! Glad the plants fared well in the long-unexpected journey. They’ll do great in your care. Pro-tip: nepenthes like their coffee!
What ppm should i aim for if im using coffee?
do they prefer light or dark roast? (french vanilla? lol)
and can seedlings handle it?


I usually just water with black coffee (dark roast). Water them and after a few days flush the pots. Seedling have responded well in my experience, maybe some other growers might want to chime in. :p