Mushroom in my Sphagnum!


I found a mushroom in my (thankfully) sealed container of live sphagnum.
Don't know where he came from, that container has been growing sphag for 6 months?!
The shroom definitely released spores as there was a light orangeish dust right where it was pressed against the side.

Am I safe to assume that container is now trash??? I don't want any more mushrooms!!


Fungal spores are all around us and present everywhere. Fungi are a vast kingdom of organisms and can be good/bad. In fact some plants require fungal help to survive and draw water into their tissues. I found a yellowish fungal mushroom cap in one of my nepenthes pots as well (a few years ago). I wouldn't necessarily say its trash. Generally live sphagnum is said to have anti-fungal / anti-bacterial properties so I wouldn't worry so much. Let's just say that plants themselves are said to have pathogenic fungus colonized within them and when conditions are subpar, the fungus can gain an upper hand and kill the plant. It's the same as our own immune system, keep the conditions healthy for the plant and it will be able to survive without any effect. I think it is absolutely impossible to grow plants without any fungal inhabitants unless you grow everything in tissue culture.


I'll remove the live sphagnum and toss the substrate. There was enough living moss to maybe continue w/o new substrate.