I have this Grey mold that shows up on my Cephs and some Neps.

Is this a humidity issue?
I have both in a 1020 with a humidity dome, a 80mm fan inside and the top vents open.



I have had a tiny bit of this type of mold on my neps, normally around the lid and peristome area, some times near the tendrils too for some reason.

I think it's probably the nectar they produce? coupled with not enough ventilation? Just my guess though.

I just wiped it off and rinsed it with water, and turned up the fan in the greenhouse and seems to have went away.


I get this on my Cephs and Helis as well - it only shows up on the nectar bearing parts of the Heliamphora, so I would also assume it's feeding off the nectar. I wipe it off the Helis and just leave it on the Cephs (they're too small to wipe effectively and I don't like to mist them very often), it doesn't seem to actively harm the plants by reducing pitcher lifespan or anything like that, but maybe it's a sign that the plants need more ventilation or need to be misted a bit more often?


I've started to mist them with water.
I has some grow on top of my soil as in one of my Drosera pots, on the plant tag and the side of the pot!
Weirdest part is, it was on the blades of my fan as well!!