Mites killing pings?


So I've had a run on my pings! Something is killed them.
I thought it might be my watering cycles, as I switched to top watering, and only getting the top soil lightly damp.
It's fully dry by the next day.

But then my Gypsicola started to go!! That's been bone dry for months, so I was perplexed...

I poked around with my needle tweezers and I found..... MITES!
Do mites eat pings? Because the leaves look like they've been chewed on!
It's the same thing that happened to all my Kondoi, jaumavensis and ehlersiae too

Here's the Gyp, but I already killed what mites I found.



I should add these are not spider mites, they are white, almost clear with the distinct round booty of a mite.

I didn't get a picture because I was annoyed and squished him..

But it looked similar to this one.



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It works on some of the mites, but not all of them. If you want to give it a try, send me a message, I can send you a sample. ;)


Ive also found mites on some of my pings, although they are pretty large and light orange in colour. The mites i have are pretty fast moving so i assumed they were beneficial predatory mites. Are the ones you found fast moving?

Lloyd Gordon

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I've had that happen with some of my smaller pings. Maybe bad watering technique? The mites might attack unhealthy plants.


The mites moved slow, and are extremely small.
I picked at the Gypsicola and found ~10-12 in there, I did get one stuck to the end of my tweezers.
It's my smallest tweezer, and it's a needle point, so the picture I took below shows how tiny these guys are.

I'd say it's possible Lloyd, as all looked fine when I switched over to top watering.
And by top watering I mean soil watering, not directly on the plants.
I have a squeeze bottle with a long thin tube, so I can give it a squirt around the plant nice and close, but not on the leaves.
But the Gypsicola was happy as a the day I got it from Willy.
It was x-small and already in succulent mode. I didn't give it any water, just kept it in a spot where it had a bit higher humidity.

I gave the whole area a nice cleaning with the 99% Iso. Alcohol



After conversing with another individual, that might be a Tyrophagus putrescentiae mite.
So Lloyd would be on the money with this one.
Sad plants simply play host to the mites, but are not effected.


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if they are red spiders, spray your plant with water, it does not like moisture.

Rosemary oil, in particular, is a particularly effective natural pesticide,if you spray a solution of rosemary oil and water on the leaves of an infested plant ,can be effective
A decoction of garlic (30 g / liter of water) diluted to 30% and sprayed on the plant will also give good results. To not let the eggs hatch and devour the plant, repeat the spraying every 3 days for a fortnight.

you can also fight this mite with another mite of the type Phytoselulus persimillis (biological fight)


What was the recipe you used for the eucalyptus oil? Found a few mites on my pirouette, but they were stuck on the dew right along the edge of the leaf. The leaf is a nice pink colour so it makes seeing the mites easier. I have some insecticide from Willy that I can use, but I also want some prevention in the future too.



Not sure how CP's would react to it. But when I get spidermites, aphids or others, I dust lighty with diatomaceous earth on the leaves, soil and around the, inert, cheap, available, pet/plant/people safe, EFFECTIVE! I imagine because CP's like moisture, you could just spray the DE off after a week.