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Sadly 2 of the best sites died. I suspect some fungus got under the bark and killed it. The cold spring and hot summer probably weakened them and then the fungus got them. One site is pretty bare and only one site is untouched, the one furthest from the main stem. We'll see what the spring brings. Hopefully the infection won't get that far. I wonder if I could get the side branch with the mistletoe to root? I wanted the mistletoe to actually flower before I gave it away.
Spurred on by a member of this forum (cant think who)
a few years ago I bought some mistletoe seeds and affixed them to an apple and a Japanese maple tree.
In the same season they put out their hypocotyl and holdfast, which greatly pleased me with the ease this was accomplished.
Then nothing seemed to happen for couple of years, other than the Japanese is maple dying, thereby halving the available plants.

This year we have plants you can see, with developed haustorium swelling and good growth. An interesting aside to carnivory.IMG_20210221_150243.jpgIMG_20210221_150315.jpg