Making apple cider vinegar


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Every year this time of year I make apple cider vinegar. Its a great way to use all of the peels, cores and undesirable apples from our tree. We use it for pickeling, salad dressings and cooking.

Process the apples or chop into chunks or use just the peels and cores it doesn’t matter.

Pack a jar tightly with apple and fill with water to almost cover the apple peices. (A couple table spoons of sugar can be added to increase acidity of the vinegar but I don’t add any.)

Cover the jar but not tightly just enough to keep the fruit flys out.

Stir the top of the apples down into the mix once a day for a week.

After a week pour the liquid off into another jar and throw the apple mush into your compost.

Keep the jar of fermenting apple juice loosely covered for another week.

Don’t be put off by the white skunge floating on top. That’s the “mother” you can pour that off or use it to inoculate your next batch.

After that week your apple cider vinegar is ready to use or store!
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