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Good news everyone! I have successfully made my own systemic insecticide based on Bayer's formula!
I have tested it on Drosera, Utricularia, Nepenthes, Heliamphora, Pinguicula... with no sick effect.
It kills the aphids and pest on contact, and will kill other ones sucking on the plant in a few days. It should remain effective for the plant for 2-3 weeks.
If anyone wants to give it a try, just pay for shipping and I'll send some for you for free.


From my experience. I usually uses dish soap to get rid of tent caterpillars and anything feasting on trees or shrubs. I use a container sprayer that hooks up to the outdoor hose and I give a good spray on the area that is needed.


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Can anyone suggest an insecticide against thrips for helis? I have some End-All but didn't see anyone mention using it on their helis.


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I haven't tested against thrips yet but my mix is safe for Heliamphora. Do you want to give it a try and let me know the results? Send me a message if you're interested. :)