Looking for feedback for LED

re: thinking of buying this led grow light......do you recommend something else, if yes, why is it better? Price matters.
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jackie quan

check out brad's greenhouse ( he is a carnivourous plant seller from Saltspring Island) youtube videos... here is link:
to one of his vids on led for his carnivorous plants. Remember, the reds/purples are for growth while not appealing to us , it's great for plants.


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While blurple lights are great for plants, they severely hindered my enjoyment of the plants so I went with daylight LEDs. Get some good 3500-5000k LED lights and both you and your plants will be happy. You can buy a pre-made light or build your own. There are a ton of plans/guides on ledgardener.com to guide you through LED/power source selection as well as builds for different enclosure sizes.


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For what it's worth, the local hydroponics place really doesn't like the purplies.
Yeah, it seems a lot of people on the cannabis growing forums are switching to daylight LED strips/COBs. 4000k is a sweet spot for both vegetative growth and flowering.