Looking for cuttings


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Hi guys,
I know it's early and we are still far from spring (can't wait for the weather to be back to positive!),
but I'm looking for nepenthes cuttings.

Intermediate to highland species (but no lowland please).
My windowsill can go as low as +12ºC during winter's night so even Veitchii hybrids have to have a highland parent.
(Even rafflesiana and vieillardii don't work for me).

List of hybrid I'm looking for:
  • Miranda
  • Briggsiana
  • Dyeriana
Here is a list of species I'm looking for:
  • hamata
  • glandulifera (or hybrid of it)
  • truncata (or highland hybrid of it)
But is you have something I forgot, let me know :)
I like striped peristome and easy to grow.

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