Lecanopteris sinuosa, ant-fern spores


I put some peat in a pyrex bowl, and stuck it in my instant pot (pot in pot method)

10 min under pressure, and I scooped it into a pot, and stuck it in a ziplock bag.
I then poured a bit of boiling RO water on top to smooth the surface.
Cooled, and sprinkled the spores on.

The instant pot method has worked amazing for me. I did all my LFS that I planted my unflasked Cephalotus into, and I have had zero issue. Just used a thick rubber kitchen glove to prevent burning my hands and put the LFS into a pot (also cleaned with boiling RO water) and put them in a plastic ziplock bag. Poured some boiling water on top, sealed it up. Waited for it to cool, then quickly stuck my Cephs into the moss. Sealed it up again and waited!


Wow, this is really cool. I've successfully germinated (do spores germinate??) stag horn ferns before. If there are still some available I'd love to give this a try. (also HI! New member, first post.. ) :)
Just wanted to chime in on some tips for these spores. Sterilize the media (boil or autoclave) before sowing and use an orchid-specific fertilizer once the “mature leaves” come out. Algae and mosses will likely out compete these guys in their early stages so it’s important to start with relatively sterile media.
Would maxsea work?


Does anyone have any suggestions for sterilization of the spores themselves? I'm going to try most in the conventional method above but wanted to try a small amount on agar for comparison. I've done orchid seed this way, but am not sure what kind of sterilization techniques a spore can handle.

Lloyd Gordon

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2% of NaClO was noted in one article. So bleach might work. You should try multiple times with varying concentration and duration. Probably would take some time to get it right.
I'm in a similar situation with cacti regarding best medium.


Thanks Lloyd!
With cacti and succulents, I usually sterilize the seed with hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. That said, I'm not sowing them into agar or anything like that.
I'll give diluted bleach a try. That is what seems best for orchid seeds as well, so I'll do a test next time I'm sowing some. I have a bunch of staghorn spores so will do the test with those rather than the ant-fern spores.