Lava Rock


I got a good deal (I think?) on a large chunk of lava rock. I was looking for Tufa and was calling around.
Found a local family run landscape company that listed tufa on the website.
They said they haven't been able to get in contact with their tufa supplier this year, so they don't have stock

But they did have one piece of Lava rock left! She gave me a good deal. $20 for the chunk... And I think that's a good price.??

And I also found some 1/4" lava rock. It was $30 for a 5 gallon pail!
I sifted all the fines out and was still left with at least 18L out of the original 20L



Lava rock substrate looks pretty nice. I'd like to experiment with it for some species of Nepenthes if I had any lying around.

jackie quan

I am a reefer so we mainly use dry marco rock which is a porous limestone from land quarries but can look nice once seeded up with corraline algae ( for those who can't afford real live rock from the carribeans) and that usually is $3.99/lb. So, not sure how heavy that piece is, if $3lb or less, it is an ok deal.


If I had to guess, over 40lbs, but some is water weight I'm sure. It's been baking in the sun for a while, but I'm sure there might be some water still.