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What is everyone using for long term outdoor labels? I’ve tried permanent marker on plastic; permanent marker on wood; standard label maker labels. No luck on getting more than one season out of my labels. I need something with better longevity.

Carson Hardy

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Pencil seems to last long, its just a matter of finding a cost effective 'plastic' to use - this year I am attempting to use old vinyl window bllinds. Scuff up ther blinds with sandpaper, then cut them into appropriate sized strips. no idea on its longevity though...
Ya know what might work...
If you take a small piece of index card and write the plant name on it, then use clear packing tape to "laminate" it, making sure to leave a decent margin around the outside of the paper where its just tape contacting tape.
I dont know if those would hold up long term but I wanna give it a try now :p


Remember pencil is permanent, and place a label on the bottom of the pot. I've dug up cheap plastic labels on the bottom of pots that were placed there 20 years before and they were still legible. If you lose the label, you'll still have one on the bottom.

I bought out the last of the DooHickey Metal Plant Tags when Yucca Do Nursery in Texas went your of business. If you can find aluminium tags that can take pencil, you are set forever.


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I’ve found that the only thing that lasts, as far as written labels go, is a soft pencil. Plastic tags go brittle after a few years so I like the aluminum idea. You can get sheets of aluminum for roof flashing. I might try cutting my own labels with tin snips.

Aluminum Dymo tape was what we used to label trays of core samples when I worked in mining. It’s an expensive setup and the labels are quite large. But they last forever.