Keeping cultures cool

I live in australia and the temperature can get up to around 43c outside in my area, and in the past it has cooked some expensive cultures.
just now got my own place and looking to get back into the hobby, i dont want that to happen again (and im not looking to constantly air con a whole room of the house rip power bill)

anyone got some approaches to cooling a few shelves of cultures? i was thinking of fitting out an old wine fridge i have with a glass front, and hooking it to a temperature relay for when it gets above say 30c . dont like the idea of having grow lights running inside of a fridge though

Carson Hardy

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I don't tissue culture, but...

Could you get a fish tank, and just float your cultures in it? Or, drill a hole in your fridge and pipe a 1/4 inch hose into a basin where your cultures are in?

Some quick ideas, hehe..


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If you have a basement, try setting up your lab there; otherwise, air conditioner might be your best friend there.
Our temperature here in BC gets pretty hot during summer so I have to run A/C for my room most of the days (set to 24c).

Lloyd Gordon

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Also if you have any room that is A/C, you can can stick a moderate number of bottles under a bed or in a closet where they are out of the way. You don't need a lot of light, just enough for growth regulation, most of the energy comes from the sugar.