Justin's Terrarium and Tent


Very nice collection!!! Could you post some picture of your fogger installation please? I am wondering how you keep the correct lever of water. I bought one fogger which came with it's own floater, but I was wondering what you use for a 10 heads one?


It’s actually really simple system. One part suction one part gravity.
The tube that arches across fills the area with water when the pump cuts off water is syphoned out keeping it dry ish and algae free. The tube sticking up is just high enough to allow the water to reach the correct height needed for the fogger to operate effectively.


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hey Justin, I noticed some succulents in your tent. What % R/H are you keeping the tent at and how are the succulents coping with it?

Which 10-head fogger are you using? I only have 2 small single-head units in my chamber and thinking of getting a larger unit.


50-70% there still alive after a year and only water them once a month maybe longer when I see them start to shrivel a little I water.
The fogger was off eBay so I don’t know what it is.