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My current growlist. I know it's small but..
Sarracenia var. cuprea
Sarracenia flava x orephila
Drosera capillaris

However to expand my collection. I am looking for
any Sarracenia flava or variation or Drosera species seeds or plants with location data of Green Swamp NC.

If anyone has these seeds or plants they are willing to part with please let me know. I can E-transfer money or pay through PayPal.
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Carnivorous Plant Addict
Current Growlist (Plants)
D.filiformis California Sunset
Sarracenia ssp. purpurea
Sarracenia waccamaw
Sarracenia flava var ornata
Sarracenia flava var cuprea

Sarracenia flava var maxima
Sarracenia flava var cuprea (2) forms
Sarracenia flava var vividrence
Sarracenia flava var ornata (heavy veined)
Sarracenia flava var flava