Jewel orchid hybrid experiment

Two of my jewel orchids (Macodes sanderiana and Ludisia discolor) will be in bloom at the same time so I’m hoping to try cross-pollinating.

The actual germination part will have to be done in vitro, which I’ve never done before. I’m going to keep my expectations realistic and enjoy the learning experience! If anyone has specific tips/warnings to share from their experience flashing orchid seedlings, I’d love to hear it.

Soon-to-be parent plants:

Macodes sanderiana


Ludisia discolor (I suspect it’s actually Ludisia discolor ‘Spider-Man’ however)



Hey! if you get seed and have any extra to spare i'd love to try and get them in culture. I've heard that orchids are pretty hard to get into culture


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Cool experiment! I am just getting set up right now to start flasking orchid seeds so I will let you know how that goes :)
I got my pressure cooker and still air glove box all set up but now I need to find a good source for the nutrient agar.
Are you mixing up your own or buying it from somewhere?
Perfect, thanks for the recommendation! Yeah, I was planning to buy it somewhere. No matter how much research I do, there are some things I am ok to leave to the experts for now. Definitely keep me updated on your process though pitcherperfect!

I did order some more jewel orchids from Roehampton (to be shipped when it’s not -40). If I’m lucky, I’ll get to experiment more with this process sooner than later!

I think this one looks really promising!

I have a lot going on right now (would like to finish my PhD this year...) so I will likely send away all pods to those interested and not try any myself.

This mother plant (Macodes sanderiana) had to be moved somewhere else as I was worried it was having issues with the ambient humidity where it was with the Ludisia, and in that time some flowers have opened and closed before I got to them :/ the Ludisia is still going great though and has a few more blooms left.

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There's some information on the times (for various genera) between pollination and when unopened pods can be used for TC. Too late and they open, so you have to sterilize the seeds (more tedious), too early and the seeds won't grow. It's really nice to use the unopened pod technique-I had lots of seedlings and no mould.
If you want, I'll try either way. You can have all the seedlings.
I saw that link you shared above with the timelines! I don’t think it included jewel orchids but here_butnot is also hybridizing some jewel orchids right now, and says he split the pod around 30 days after pollination... that’s coming up fairly soon, so I should probably do some cutting and mailing like reaaaally soon. And I’ll insist that you keep some seedlings to yourself - you’re doing me a huge favour!

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As with all of us, I'm getting into "too" many plants. I may keep a few little guys and give them away if they get big.
I think the Macodes’ stalk’s time has officially come - I don’t want to wait much longer as it might dessicate too much. I already have your address Lloyd so I’ll just send you the whole stalk today.


But a bit longer still for the Ludisia, I think. These can go to Will20013.

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I didn't think before but sending unopened pods risks mould. The pods I received, seemed somewhat flattened and the bigger, more viable looking ones were very moldy. Nothing left to try.
So either send dry mature seed or unopened pods in a bigger package with more airspace and maybe a drying agent. Faster (more expensive) mail may also help, although it just took a week.
Oh well. If you want to try again, let me know.

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It was hard to tell from the (possibly) flattened and mouldy pods, but they seemed to have minimal seeds inside. Previous pods I have received were plump and full or dry with lots of powdery seeds. So yours may have failed to fertilize or with few seeds. I couldn't tell from my sample. Some pods were almost certainly unfertilized. 1 mouldy one looked like it used to be fuller.