It's been a while...


I want to live in there.
It's even more fascinating in person!
There's millipedes and centipedes, jumping spiders, potato bugs and springtails!
I wish that I could think of something that could inhabit the land - without trampling, or becoming lunch.
I've got a white betta in the water - he adds some ghostly movement, in the blackwater.
Gonna add a few females - when I find some solid white ones and will be adding caridina shrimp, in due time!

I'm debating if I want to add some heliamphora - my temps line up, but I'm nervous!


Worked outta town for 3 days.
Water table had dropped to the point, that the pump was sucking in air.

I thought when this happened - it is because of protein?
Are there any other reasons why I would have foam piles?



Awesome, great display, its living art.

If you want ideas for other things to inhabit you can try mourning geckos, they can clone themselves. Or a small salamander species.