Is Sarracenia flava var. artropurpurea (Waccamaw) a relict plant?


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My understanding is that the original location is not known specifically. (I'm sure someone more into Sarrs than I would be better to weigh in here, like @H2O ). But the story I recall is that it was a clone that was maintained for some time in a private collection in New Zealand. It's origins to that collection are a bit foggy; and there I have heard a couple stories. But the name on the clones was "Waccamaw" which is a river that originates in Green Swamp in North Carolina and then flows out through South Carolina, including through Waccamaw National Wild Life Refuge.

In terms of the Sarracenia flava var. artropurpurea in general, again my rudimentary understanding is that this is a form in the species that pops up both in the coastal Carolinas and in the panhandle of Florida, though it is not a common form. So the general form exists in the wild in two parts of the range of the species. However, the Waccamaw clone itself is unique. I've even heard it may not be pure S. flava, even if it did come from the wild as hybrids do occur in habitat. But I don't know where that had landed.

I hope that helps, even if it is from a source who is not entirely certain.