Indoor grow chambers


Happy to say I have a shipment coming with in the next week. Some easy keepers to start me off. My question is regarding grow chambers indoors. Thinking of using plastic tubs (clear lids) to grow the more humidity sensitive species. For the more part with my Nepenthes I just hang them from the bottom of my cherry tree all spring and summer and they grow like crazy. However bringing them in for the winter they suffer due to it being so dry. I have some drosera species coming as well as a few sarracenia and Nepenthes. I want to make an Indoor grow chamber using LED lighting and tubs or possible a pop up style cheapy greenhouse to grow indoors during the sensitive months. Does plastic affect lighting at all? I have a pretty powerful 1000w led fixture waiting to go but I'm not overly sure if its usable with these ideas. Any help is appreciated.


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Standard plant trays with a high clear dome and quad fluorescent lights above always worked for me. If the plants are watered using the tray method - e.g. the tray is always half full or water - then the dome may not even be necessary. Pings can grow without a dome and most dews. A humidifier in the grow space can also help.


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Your 1000W fixture will be fine. Plastics can probably affect lighting but is unlikely as long as your lights are bright enough. All my indoor CPs are lit through plastics as I use a combination of 1020 trays with domes and clear acrylic storage bins.

Not sure where you're located but your sarrs can go outside (probably best for them) and so can the drosera once it's a bit warmer. Depending on the neps, you can grow them outdoors, indoors, or in front of a window sill. I like to keep mine in tubs indoors.


why not get a grow tent? it's made of reflective material and reflect 100% of the light. It also keep nearly 100% of the light inside, but 1000 watt would probably be too strong and generate too much heat inside a grow tent.