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    A little follow up on my greenhouse, the temperature outside this morning is 7C, but inside the greenhouse it is 11.7C. So the greenhouse keep the temperature ambiant about 4 to 5 degree C higher than the outside temperature, even at night.

    I have to be careful to open up the side door when it's hot outside because the temperature inside can rise to very high. As an exemple, yesterday it was 19C in my backyard, but in the greenhouse it was 33C before I opened the side door a bit. When it will be 5C outside, without opening the side door the temperature inside will probably reach 35C or more! wow, quite a bit of difference. I see now that it is not a thing that can be left closed all the time when there is sunlight, but need some monitoring.

    It's OK because if I was to leave for a week or so, I would leave it with both doors slightly open, but for now I am just playing with it as the temperature rise and fall, to maximise my sarracenias growth. And it works, as my sarracenias that are inside the greenhouse as still producing very nice fall traps, whereas those that I did not put inside the greenhouse are already going into sleep and don't grown much, even my leuco.

    In spring, I will be able to put them outside much sooner and they will be protected from the late frost.
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