I've been interested in Hoyas lately, been looking for something other than CP's that can be grown as a houseplant (yes, as decor). So this past weekend, I bought not only my first....but also my second pot of hoyas. They were a great deal and couldn't pass. I believe they are the most common species Hoya carnosa, but 2 different varieties, the common all green and "Krimson Princess" with the variegation.

Anyone else here grow hoyas? I'm hoping to swap for other common types/species in the future.



I would recommend Kim's nature. sorry for being late to this thread!
Kim's Nature is great :) I think I make a trip there every other week to search for new stuff. Lots of hoyas..

In the carnivorous department, last time I was there, they some n. ventrata, n. Ampillaria, d. Binitas, d. Adelea, and I think some p. Gigantea
noticed bradsgreenhouse (who is on this board) and a place in Ottawa, trofolia.com, has a pretty good selection of hoyas...however, they seem to sell out very fast.
Found a few Facebook groups locally that trades Hoyas and many of those people get their plants form overseas (Korea, Thailand). Ahhoya.com has a pretty good selection of Hoyas with Picts. I believe there are over 500 species out there and this site is one of the best I’ve seen and one can order them directly.
I’m hoping to try AH Hoya this year. I had a great experience joining a group order from Aleya Garden in the fall - another Thai exporter, with aroids as well as Hoya.

Here are two from there - Hoya blashernaezii ssp. valmayoriana:


Hoya finlaysonii:

As much as my goal is to move away from tropical houseplants and more into carnivorous plants, Hoya will be my big exception! I grow around 60 species. My spreadsheet needs an update.
Many of those 60 are still small cuttings without peduncles so won’t flower for awhile. Some flower seasonally while some do sporadically year round. There are some Hoya species that are notoriously difficult to bloom, so if I ever get to see my macgillivrayi bloom I’ll consider that a great accomplishment.

None of the ones I’ve had flower have had particularly strong scents so I’m looking forward to some really fragrant ones to bloom. Some are said to smell like caramel or citrus. I avoided buying the Hoya with scents described to be like “rotten oranges” or “fungus.”

My Hoya manipurensis has been constantly blooming for several months now:

I was disappointed my Hoya ‘Rebecca’ didn’t have much of a scent when it bloomed last month, but the flowers were cute at least. And it’s just a small cutting that happened to grow a peduncle!