Hi all :)

Hi guys!
Name's Vivianne and I'm pretty much a CP newbie, got my first ones in September and in November from Brad's Greenhouse, and just recently decided to try my hand at growing my own, so ordered some seeds from Willy at LGM and currently planning on purchasing more. It's a pretty addictive hobby/challenge!

I've been searching and reading around CP forums online for the past few months, and finally decided to join you all here, because I thought that it's great to have a place for mainly-Canadian CP growers :) I got interested in CPs (well I always thought them interesting, but never looked up how to grow them at home) while looking for solutions for getting rid of fungus gnats and fruit flies. I had a pretty bad infestation in late summer when I started bringing inside some of my orchids, bonsai and pepper plants for over winter.

I live in a condo building so I'm very limited in space and will be mostly looking for tips which suit my growing conditions, meaning in containers and indoors for most of the year. Balcony growing in the Summer, but even then it's really not ideal because the wind often wreaks havoc in my plants, and it seems like it's getting windier and colder every year.

I don't have any pics ready to post right now, I guess I'll write up and show my collection later (or in another post? Haven't had the chance to look at all threads yet), but so far I have a few drosera, pinguicula, one sarracenia and one nepenthes! Some are doing amazing, others are ehhh hanging in there lol, and one got eaten by my cat before it even had a chance (R.I.P. D. Capensis Alba). I'm currently waiting on germination of some capensis alba seeds to replace it. And all plants are in very cat-safe areas now ;)

Anyway, enough rambling from me, just figured I'd do a quick intro and try to be social-like haha


Welcome to the group.

I tried growing from seed and I must have done something wrong sooooo that just means try again soon hehehe
Yes you are so right in saying it is addicting. Good luck with finding places for all your other stuff as your collection grows