Hello. I am so happy to have found this forum!

What are those Crocus like beauties?

Also you really have to zoom in on the bog barrel to see all the interesting plants. You could enter it in a local plant show.
The small white flowers are arctic starflower (Trientalis europaea). They grow in profusion on all of my sphagnum. They produce a seed cluster that is shaped like a soccer ball. I find they grow great with all my other plants. They are so small they don't interfere with anything I am growing. That picture is from after their peak when there was only a couple left blooming.

I almost dragged my planter over to the Vancouver island rock and alpine garden society plant show that was yesterday. I ended up not wanting to go through all that bother though. Its really heavy even when the internal reservoir is drained. It is a chore to move but it would have been nice to share with others. Maybe some day when I am feeling more up to it.
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