Hello from Edmonton, AB!

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
I agree with lloyd. I have purchased everything I have from here. Well, I have traded for a lot too!

As he also stated, the prices here are significantly better than elsewhere, especially if you are patient and can wait for the carnivorous plant blowouts some people have!


I second that, the prices and quality here definitely can’t be beat. It’s always cheaper to buy from forum members compared to stores

Avery, cpgeek, labine are some examples of great people to buy from
I spent some time last week looking through photos here and old sale posts and it was super impressive. Looking forward to watching for future gems


Aside from 1 time since I moved to Alberta in 78, I have only seen cp in 2 stores and once in a nursery.
All my stuff has come from members of this forum with the exception of some vfts from home depot.