Heliamphora sales spring 2021



This is my spring heliamphora sales.
All plants are from my personnal collection.

Just few division of each species/cultivars/hybrids are available.

All the plants grow in perfect conditions since years.
I will select mostly adult pitchers for each order, even for rare plants.

I will ship the plants in early april.

PM me your selection.
Paypal or Interac transfer only.

For buyers outside Canada, please check your local law about importing living plants.
Im not responsible for customs holds.

Please take note that im not able to produce any phytosanitary certificate for exportation.

Heliamphora -

H.minor var pilosa clone C - 120$ SOLD OUT
(Red and hairy)

H.minor var pilosa clone D - 150$
(Long white fuzz)

H.minor var minor auyan - 20$ SOLD OUT
(The perfect minor morphology)

H.minor "selection 4" - 20$ SOLD OUT

H.minor "big orange" - 70$

H.minor "burgundy-black" - 70$

H.minor "aonda giant" - 200$
(From auyan tepui near aonda caves)

H.minor x heterodoxa - 15$ SOLD OUT

H.ciliata "purple" - 100$
(Almost dark under strong lighting)

H.exappendiculata - 40$

H.nutans yuruani - 10$ SOLD OUT

H.sarracenia x purpurescent -25$ SOLD OUT

H.elongata x collina - 30$ SOLD OUT

H.pulchella akopan - 30$ SOLD OUT

H.pulchella amuri - 40$

H.parva - 60$ SOLD OUT

H.hispida - 20$ SOLD OUT

Cephotus -

C.follicularis - 100$
(Big clump of adult plants)

Utricularia -

U.calycifida - 5$ SOLD OUT


Shipping 20$ for Canada, 35$ for other countries.


Canadian dollars (CAD).
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